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Compact, versatile, silent and effective, the FLOWATCH Vision becomes the reference of wall condensate pumps market!
  • Position BELOW or LATERAL
  • Record Size
  • Smart design
  • Removable tank
  • Integrated removable filter
Discover it during the events in which we regularly participate, and find its product description by clicking on this link: FLOWATCHVision


SICCOM is often present at fair trades in France and abroad.

Professional Exhibitions Places Dates
CLIMATE WORLD Moscow (RUSSIA) From 28th february to 3th march 2017
CLIMATIZACION Madrid (SPAIN) From 28th february to 3th march 2017
CHINA REFRIGERATION Shanghai (CHINA) From 12th to 14 april 2017
INTERCLIMA Paris (FRANCE) From 07th to 14th november 2017

We were so glad to meet you, at the beginning of the year, at these following events: You can have a look at all the pictures on Events/Exhibitions.
Professional Exhibitions Places Dates
ACREX Delhi (INDIA) From 23th to 25th february 2017
CHILLVENTA Nuremberg (GERMANY) From 11th to 13th october 2016
AHR MEXICO Monterrey (MEXICO) From 20th to 22th september 2016
ARBS Melbourne (AUSTRALIA) From 17th to 19th may 2016
ISK SODEX Istanbul (TURKEY) From 04th to 07th may 2016
CHINA REFRIGERATION Beijing (CHINA) From 07th to 09th april 2016
CLIMATE WORLD Moscow(RUSSIA) From 02nd to 05th march 2016
ACREX Mumbai ( INDIA) From 25th to 27th february 2016
ACR Birmingham (UNITED KINGDOM) From 16th to 18th february 2016
You can have a look at all the pictures on Events/Exhibitions.


The AFAQ (2008 version) has been attributed to SICCOM in march 2011. Consult all the certifications obtained by SICCOM on the website SICCOM/Quality